Uliana Lopatkina 

The Dying Swan

Photo by Nikolai Krusser (?)


Nicolas Le Riche and Aurélie Dupont in rehearsal for Onegin

Ph. Anne Deniau


Aubane Philbert

ph. Alexandra Chalaud


Tamara Rojo’s SWAN LAKE

Good Swan, Bad Swan: Dancing Swan Lake



when you start comparing Oksana Skorik to the Holocaust, that’s when you need to turn off your computer and bury it in a hole in the ground.

rbv is a disgusting human being

oh my god i saw this a few days ago & laughed for like 10 minutes


“Play the last measure very softly.”

- Anna Pavlova’s final words

Anna Pavlova died of pleurisy when she was 49. She was told that she would die unless she had an operation, but that the operation would leave her incapable of dancing. She said, “If I can’t dance then I’d rather be dead.” She died in bed while holding her Dying Swan costume in her arms.



Татьяна - Ольга Смирнова 

Romeo and Juliet; Diana Vishneva & Vladimir Shklyarov.


Dupont’s pointework :””)


kristina shapran by nikolay krusser


Svetlana Zakharova in the documentary, ‘Ballerina’

Sveta u are precious


St Petersburg 1997 - A Russian Ballerina photographed by Deborah Turbeville

The key to success is to not think about it. Just develop as a whole. Reach for your goals, have a drive. Your desire should overcome physics and you should be ready to move mountains. It doesn’t mean you have to want to impress the audience, critics, or the director… You have to need it badly for yourself, in the first place. And only then you can live and infect people around you with your inspiration, impulsion, energy, the power to create and to achieve. Spread it.

— Diana Vishneva


Uliana Lopatkina - Dying swan